г. Москва, ул. Правды, 24 к.3
+7 (963) 925-8599 +7 (901) 518-1993

Додзё Ильи Туманова

Aikido classes in English.

In case you live in Moscow and don't speak Russian, don't worry -
our classes may be given in English.
Your training will take place in a specially designed gym in the center of the city.
Time of your training may be set as per your convenience.
Our Aikido school exists for more than ten years. We both support the traditional Japanese way of teaching and accompany technics of execution with clear explanations.
All our Instructors are certified by Japanese Masters and glad to share all their mastery.

To make an appointment for our class, please contact us by phone :

+7 (963) 925-85-99

Or  via email:

[email protected]

Our gym is located in 10 min walk from “Belorusskaya” or “Savyolovskaya” metro stations.

Pravdy Street 24/3.